AED Management Program

maintaining-an-AEDDeploying and maintaining an AED Defibrillator program can be quite time consuming- not to mention its complexity as you coordinate your efforts across a global enterprise. We continually monitor changes in legislative regulations, medical community updates and manufacturer related issues to ensure compliance. So you don’t have to do it.

When you commit to an AED Program; we take care of the rest.  We understand the complexities of AED program implementation and assessed risk for all types of workplace businesses and companies. We guarantee program compliance to ensure that you are aiding the rescuer in his or her life saving efforts.

All 50 states have Good Samaritans laws designed to protect companies that choose to deploy AEDs. These laws reduce or eliminate the fear that people who help others could suffer legal repercussions. To receive protection under the Good Samaritan laws, a company must prove they meet all operational requirements for the deployment of an AED Program.

Texas-AEDTexas AED® management program is a paid service we offer only the best AED Defibrillator Management, Training and Maintenance Support to our valued customers to ensure compliance with Local, State and Federal laws in owning an AED Defibrillator including:

  • Medical Direction: Medical Prescription and Authorization with certificates
  • Automatic Replenishment of AED Battery and replacement electrode pads prior to expiration dates
  • Newsletter with AED updates, and legislation information
  • AED event review and documentation by Medical Director after a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event
  • Customized software for tracking AED maintenance and AED and CPR training information
  • AED maintenance tracking and notification
  • Online AED maintenance records assist in fulfilling Federal, State, and manufacturer’s requirements
  • Email reminders assist in maintaining up-to-date AED maintenance record
  • Electrode pads, battery, and AED and CPR training expiration emails ensure your AED is ready in an emergency situation

Compliant, Comprehensive AED Program. Guaranteed.

aedOur AED management program to offer complete service – from the first contact, through training to full deployment, ensuring your AED Program is compliant from day one. Texas AED® understands the complexities of AED Program implementation and assessed risk with a broad and diverse infrastructure. To ensure an AED Program is properly established, it is imperative that the selected provider can guarantee compliance and efficacy.  Through the various stages — designing, implementing, and maintaining an AED program – we ensure that your program is not only compliant but also fully prepared to help rescuers save lives.

AED Device Set Up

AED-Device-Set-UpTexas AED® will ensure your program is implemented rapidly and efficiently. When your AED units arrive at each facility, in coordination with scheduled training dates, your devices will be registered with our AED Program management application, as well as with: Local and state EMS agencies 911 call centers.

AED Training

AED-TrainingTraining is Vital on how to use an AED Defibrillator.  Currently 49 out of 50 states require that any entity or organization that implements an AED Program must train employees as volunteer responders and certify them for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED). Texas AED® understands proper training of volunteer responders is crucial to the success of your AED Program. When selecting a training vendor, it is imperative to select one that guarantees consistent training. Our AED management program selects qualified, proven professional educators with a solid background as a clinician or emergency medical personnel. Furthermore, each instructor has been recommended by either the National Accounts team or Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) division of the American Heart Association.  Texas AED® can coordinate CPR and AED training to any size and type of workplace or business.

AED Program Implementation

approveOur management program will do All Work for You During the design stage. Rapid implementation drives the identification of each AED site location while maintaining the program’s integrity. During this phase, Texas AED®: Completes an initial analysis of the designated sites. Reviews respective state legislative and regulatory requirements along with the verification of any local ordinance that may exist to govern AED installations within a city, county, or township. Designs a national policy and procedure for your organization. Creates an implementation schedule for your enterprise identifying milestones of completion for your AED program, including all scheduled training dates. This process can decrease the assessed risk by establishing a standardized approach that can guarantee compliance on a local and national basis. The issuance of medical direction then follows and a medical authorization for use of the AED is sent to each site with the approved policy and procedure document, and an AED response plan specific to each facility.

AED Maintenance

AED-MaintenanceTexas AED® ensures Ongoing Compliance in your AED Program. The most important aspect of any AED program is an active system of controls and maintenance protocols that will continually monitor overall compliance and readiness.  Our AED management program has the most comprehensive AED management solution in the AED industry. Our AED management program was designed solely for the management of AED Programs and includes innovative, valuable features that are interactive, web-based AED management system and ensure the ongoing compliance of your AED Program. It monitors and tracks routine maintenance inspections, electrode pad expiration, battery expiration and volunteer responder certification expiration and changes.   Our AED management program can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and a web browser. It is an innovative, comprehensive solution that is easy to manage when tracking the vital components of your AED Program. The architecture of the application enables corporate and regional or divisional Program Administrators to be notified of required actions at the local AED Program Coordinator levels.

AED Management Program

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