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  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus/Express Charge-Pak™ w/2 sets electrode pads

    $119.80 CR Plus Replacement Battery & 2 Pads
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  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus/Express Charge-Pak™ w/1 set Adult Electrode Pads

    $100.30 LIFEPAK Charge-Pak 1 Pic
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  • LIFEPAK Infant/Child Electrode Pads

    $115.50 Physio-Control Infant/Child Electrode Pads
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  • AED Wall Cabinet With Audible Alarm

    $195.00 AED Wall Cabinet
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Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus

The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED features Fast & Easy 2 Step Defibrillation, Escalating Energy to 360J, Low Maintenance Cost, and an Extended 8 Year Warranty. The CR Plus AED is part of the trusted and respected Physio Control LIFEPAK Brand of defibrillators used by most Firefighters and Paramedics.





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Product Description


The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is designed with the same escalating energy 360J technology the majority of EMS professionals rely on. Physio-Control/Medtronic LIFEPAK is the brand of choice for most EMS Paramedics. The LIFEPAK CR Plus is available in traditional Semi-Automatic Operation or new Fully Automatic Operation. Semi-Automatic Operation is a 3 step Defibrillation process, open the lid which turns the AED on, attach the electrode pads and press the flashing shock button when instructed. Fully Automatic Operation eliminates the need to press the shock button, the CR Plus delivers the defibrillation shock automatically which eliminates error, confusion, and hesitation while saving precious time and allowing the rescuer to focus 100% on CPR. The LIFEPAK CR Plus features one of the lowest maintenance costs in the market with a replacement battery and adult electrode pads costing only $88 total. The LIFEPAK CR Plus supports both adult and pediatric use. The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is IN STOCK and Ready to Ship Out Today.

What’s in the Shipment Box:

  • LIFEPAK CR Plus AED Device
    8 Year Manufacturer Warranty, Fast & Easy 2 Step Fully Automatic Operation, Escalating Energy to 360J, and Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Battery CHARGE-PAK
    1 Lithium Ion Battery Charge Pak1 QUIK-PAK Adult Electrodes
  • Rugged AED Carry Case
    Easily check AED status indicator with view window on carry case
  • LIFEPAK Device Demonstration DVD
    DVD Demonstration on how to operate your new AED
  • CPR & AED Responder Kit
    Includes: CPR Breathing Mask, 2 non-latex gloves, biohazard plastic bag, gauze, medical scissors
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Secure and Safe Online Shopping. Guaranteed Customer Information Privacy
  • FREE UPS Shipping
    This AED Defibrillator is IN STOCK and Ready to Ship Out

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Weight 10 lbs

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